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Commonly referred to as “the lazy mans grass”, centipede can be seen growing on home lawns, roadsides, and parks throughout the southeast.

Its popularity as a lawn grass stems from its adaptation to low fertility conditions and its low maintenance requirements. Over fertilization and over watering tend to cause a decline in appearance while simultaneously promoting diseases such as brown patch. Centipede is a course-textured perennial grass that slowly spreads by stolons. It has a yellow-green color and a relatively slow rate of growth. Centipede has poor cold tolerance and is better suited to grow on sandy, acid soils in the southeast.

When centipede lawns fail or people tire of replacing entire lawns or problem areas in their centipede lawns they are turning with greater frequency to Empire zoysia as a replacement.  Empire offers a deeper and more aggressive root system than centipede while offering a more durable turf and better overall appearence.  Empire does not require specail mowers to maintain and is slightly more to purchase than centipede but will consistantly outlast "the lazy man's grass"

Empire has the ability to thrive at both very low and rather high mowing heights. 

tolerance chart

wear tolerance Poor
shade tolerance Fair
cold tolerance Poor
drought tolerance Good
mowing heights 1” to 3”

maintenance calendar

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